Structural Funds, especially ESF

The new EU member states
are receiving quite big financial funds to improve their labour markets, training and social conditions. Potential project makers will have to meet specific requirements to be able to attract and absorb the EU funding. SISA can help with solving such problems especially within the field of European Social Fund (ESF) and Regional Development Fund (ERDF), when it comes to preparation as well as implementation.of projects and programmes

- specific tasks:

bulletAssist public authorities organising the administrative and financial ESF setup
bulletAssist potential project makers in developing project ideas
bulletHelp the project makers with generating qualified applications in line with ESF regulations, measures and financial (budget, procurement) conditions
bulletAssisting project owners with the implementation of their projects
bulletEvaluation of ESF projects
bulletEvaluation of administrative ESF setup

- competences:

  1. Labour Market Strategy
  2. Employment Services
  3. Adult vocational training systems
  4. Vocational Guidance
  5. Educational planning
  6. Labour market analyses
  7. Structural Funds, especially European Social Fund


Last modified: 02/26/05