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SISA's Mission

To build up a learning society that can assist public organizations, institutions and authorities as well as private organizations, enterprises, NGO's and labour market institutions working with improvement of people's situation at the labour market including social, cultural and educational aspects

About SISA


bulletSISA was from mid nineties until 2002 a department within the Danish Ministry of Employment dealing with all sorts of international labour-market oriented co-operation projects mainly together with Central- and Eastern European countries.  In 2002 SISA was merged into the department of International Relations of the ministry and ceased to exist within the framework of the ministry.


bullet Today SISA is a private entity involving itself in Human Resource Development  Projects handling areas such as EU Structural Funds (ESF and ERDF), labour market strategy development, adult vocational training and training systems, curriculum development, labour market systems, labour market analyses and development of the cultural sector

bullet If there is a need of developing project ideas, project initiation, project organization, budget/financial management, project implementation, reporting and dissemination of results - SISA can assist.
bulletSISA is a small association working together with consultancy companies in Denmark and other European countries as well as with independent experts.

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Last modified: 01/27/19